We at Filingwala.com (Unit of 4A Corpace Advisory Private Limited) value the customer satisfaction most and it’s our first priority. We believe that true customer satisfaction can only be achieved when professional services are rendered with utmost professionalism and with clear terms and conditions known to the customer. The aim of these terms and conditions is to make you cognizant of the fact that these terms shall apply as and when you access our web-site for availing any services or information. We expect that you will go through these terms before availing any services from us. This includes the following:

By using or accessing this website you agree to abide by the below mentioned terms and conditions in all circumstances unless otherwise exempted by it.

1. Definitions

User: User includes a person accessing the Filingwala.com website for any information or for availing any of its services or a person who has entered into a contract with Filingwala.com for any of the services to be rendered to him or her.

2. Changes in Terms and Condition:

User: User includes a person accessing the Filingwala.com website for any information or for availing any of its services or a person who has entered into a contract with Filingwala.com for any of the services to be rendered to him or her.

3. Obliged Conduct:

User shall bear following in mind while accessing the information or availing services through Filingwala.com:

4. Limitation of warranties and liability

5. Intellectual property rights

All content including but not limited to design, text, interface, materials, graphics, web-site name, logos etc. are Intellectual Property of 4a corpace Advisory Private Limited and protected by the applicable provisions of intellectual property laws in force in country such as Copyright Act 1957, Trademark Act 1999, and Design Act 2000 etc. Therefore, any act of infringement including but not limited to Reproduction, reselling, distribution, display or content transmission without prior permission etc. is prohibited unless permitted by the 4acorpace Advisory Private Limited.

6. Governing Laws:

We, 4acorpace Advisory Private Limited, control Filingwala.com website from our office located at Pune, Maharashtra. As the website can be accessed from any country worldwide and such country may have their own laws which may vary from the laws that of State of Maharashtra. Therefore, by accessing the website user agrees that statutes and laws of state of Maharashtra, India shall be applicable without regard to any conflict with any other laws or conventions. Any action or claim shall be brought in courts of Maharashtra.

7. Refund, Change in service and Cancellation Policy:

A. Cancellation and Refund Policy:

No refund of professional fees will be provided in case of termination/cancellation of service except in case of cancellation by Filingwala.com due to inability to perform the services. Refund of amount collected on account of government fees or other expenses shall be refunded to the extent not already expended.

B. Change in services:

In addition to the above mentioned cancellation policy user has been given an option for change in service. Please note that amount paid for earlier services will set off against the changed service. User needs to bear in mind that he/she will require to pay additional charges if required. However, any excess amount left after change in-services shall be returned to the customer.

8. Privacy Policy:

Your privacy is of utmost importance for us and we keep complete confidentiality as to the information provided by you at the time of registration. Therefore, we have separate privacy policy which is also included in scope of this agreement, which can be accessed here https://filingwala.com/privacy-policies.

9. Task Completion:

We understand the value of our customers’ time and therefore committed to complete the given task in time. However, any commitment with regard to completion of task in particular time or timeline given, shall not be construed as agreed promise as there are many factors involved in it which are not in our control such as but not limited to failure of government website can lead to long delays in processes etc.

10. Other points:

I. Force Majeure:

That no party under this agreement be considered in breach for not fulfilling promise or terms of this agreement except promise or condition to pay thereunder, if such breach has resulted due to the occurrence of factor which are not in their control. Factors not in control includes but not limited to Act of God, Change in government laws, cyclone, earthquake, strikes, lockouts, and such other factors beyond human control etc.

II. Pricing:

We at filingwala.com follow the rule of standard pricing, however, these prices are affected by many factors therefore, this should not be considered as agreed promise as some time price may differ due to the factors such as increase in government fees, legal expenses etc. Thus, user will be liable to reimburse the excess expenses incurred by Filingwala.com due to above mentioned factors.

III. Severability:

If any terms under this user agreement are invalid as per applicable statute or law or it becomes invalid subsequently due to changes in applicable laws, the remaining terms and conditions shall be applicable without any modification.

IV. Assignment:

Nevertheless, whatever contains hereinabove, user covenant that 4a Corpace Advisory Private Limited will have a right to assign its work and obligation to other entity. In such circumstances, such other entity shall have right to enforce these terms and conditions.

V. Maintenance of Records:

User shall maintain the records of all services availed independently (by way of physical copies etc.) and the company reserves all right to demand records from the user as and when required.

VI. Expenses:

User shall be liable to pay except otherwise specified in terms of agreement all cost and expenses including government fees paid during the course of performance of services.

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