How to File ITR Without Form 16: A Step-by-Step Guide for Salaried Employees

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Filing income tax returns can seem like a complicated process, especially if you don’t have access to key documents like Form 16.

As a salaried employee, you may rely on your employer to issue Form 16 – a TDS certificate that has details of your taxable income and deductions. But what if your employer doesn’t give you Form 16? Does that mean you can’t file your ITR?

The good news is that you can and should file your ITR even without Form 16. In this detailed guide, we will walk you through the entire process step-by-step.

What is Form 16 and Why is it Important?

Form 16 is a TDS certificate that your employer issues every year by June 15. It has complete details of the total taxable salary paid to you and the TDS deducted on it.

Since your employer deducts TDS on your salary income, Form 16 acts as proof that tax has already been paid on your behalf. It is an important document to accurately file your ITR.

However, the lack of Form 16 does not mean you are exempt from paying taxes or filing ITR. Even without Form 16, you are obligated to pay any additional tax and file returns if your income exceeds the basic exemption limit of ₹2.5 lakhs.

When Can an Employer Not Issue Form 16?

There are a few scenarios when your employer may not issue Form 16:

  • No TDS deducted: If your income is below the taxable limit, no TDS will be deducted and employer is not required to issue Form 16.
  • TDS deducted but no certificate issued: If TDS is deducted but your employer does not provide Form 16, they can be penalized with ₹100 per day of default. You can inform the Income Tax Department.
  • Income below exemption limit: Even if you have received salary, if it is below ₹2.5 lakhs, your employer may not issue Form 16.

So the lack of Form 16 alone does not indicate your tax filing requirements. You must pay due taxes and file ITR based on your total income for the year.

Do I Still Have to Pay Tax and File ITR Without Form 16?

Yes, even without Form 16, your obligation to file ITR remains if:

  • Your total income from all sources exceeds basic exemption limit of ₹2.5 lakhs.
  • Tax has been deducted (reflected in Form 26AS) but employer has not issued Form 16.
  • No TDS was deducted by employer, but your tax liability as per income slab rates is more than zero.
  • You want to claim refund of excess TDS deducted.
  • You have incurred capital gains, interest income, etc over and above salary.

So ensure you calculate your total tax liability correctly and file ITR within due date even if employer does not give Form 16.

Step-by-Step Guide to File ITR Without Form 16

Here is a detailed step-by-step process salaried individuals can follow to file ITR without Form 16:

1. Determine Income from All Sources

  • Salary income: Add up net taxable salary from all employers during the year, based on your pay slips.
  • Income from house property: Any rental income earned from leased property.
  • Capital gains: Profits from sale of assets like shares, property, bonds, etc.
  • Interest income: Interest earned from savings account, fixed deposits, etc.
  • Other income: Any other taxable income like offshore income, lottery wins, etc.

Account for all taxable income you have received during the year from different sources.

2. Find TDS Deducted on Income

Refer to Form 26AS to determine total TDS deducted on various incomes. Form 26AS can be downloaded from the TRACES website.

This will help you reconcile total TDS with income earned.

3. Claim Deductions

Some common deductions salaried individuals can claim:

  • House rent allowance
  • Section 80C investments like PPF, ELSS
  • Health insurance premiums
  • Home loan interest
  • Professional tax

Maximise tax deductions by claiming all eligible expenses, investments and allowances.

4. Compute Total Taxable Income

Total taxable income is computed as:

Gross Total Income

LESS Total Deductions Claimed

EQUALS Total Taxable Income

This is the final income on which tax liability will be calculated.

5. Calculate Tax Liability

Based on total taxable income and the applicable tax slab, calculate tax payable for the year.

You can use online tax calculators to compute tax liability accurately.

6. Determine Tax Payable

Compare the total TDS deducted during the year with calculated tax liability.

If TDS < Tax liability: Pay additional tax

If TDS > Tax Liability: Claim tax refund

This will give the final tax amount payable or refundable.

7. File ITR

Finally, file ITR online selecting the applicable ITR form. Confirm all details, compute taxes payable/refund and submit the tax return.

Ensure you file before the ITR due date for the assessment year.

What if I Get Form 16 Late and Find Discrepancies?

If you receive Form 16 after filing ITR and notice any mismatches in income or TDS details, you can revise your return within the due date.

File an updated, accurate ITR including details as per Form 16 to avoid getting a defective notice.


  • Form 16 should not stop you from fulfilling your tax compliance obligations.
  • Even without Form 16, calculate total income, deductions, TDS, tax liability and file ITR within due date.
  • Refer to pay slips, Form 26AS and claim evidence to compute correct figures.
  • Use online tools to estimate taxes accurately and file error-free returns without Form 16.
  • Timely filing will avoid penalties, scrutiny and allow you to claim refunds if applicable.


Q: Can I file ITR using my salary slips instead of Form 16?

Yes, you can use your monthly salary slips to file ITR by calculating total taxable salary income. Form 16 is not mandatory.

Q: What documents do I need to file ITR without Form 16?

You will need salary slips, Form 26AS, income proof, investment proofs for deductions, and bank statement reflecting TDS.

Q: How do I get my Form 16 if my employer does not issue it?

You can file a request to your employer to issue Form 16 as required under the law. If they still do not provide, complain to the jurisdictional Income Tax Department.

Q: I did not file ITR as I did not get Form 16. What do I do?

Compute your taxable income from other documents, pay any due tax, and file belated ITR immediately with late filing fees. Also inform IT department about non-issue of Form 16.

Q: Where can I get help with filing ITR without Form 16?

You can take assistance from experienced chartered accountants at an affordable price at platforms like They can help compute income, taxes, and file accurate returns.

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