Importance of Patentability Search for Innovators in India

How can I do patentability search in India?

The ideal way is to leverage professional support from an experienced patent attorney or agent. Filingwala offers high-quality patentability search services conducted by their in-house legal experts. Inventors simply need to provide details of their innovation, and Filingwala’s team will extensively search relevant patent databases, published literature and prior disclosures to analyze patentability.

How much does patentability search cost in India?

At Filingwala, patentability search costs start at just Rs. 10,000 for standard non-invasive searches within a defined scope. More complex searches involving multiple jurisdictions or innovations in technical fields may range from Rs. 20,000-50,000 depending on the depth required. Compared to average industry rates, their prices remain the most pocket-friendly for Indian innovators.

How do you do a patentability search?

Patent attorneys at Filingwala conduct searches across both national and international patent databases including the Patent Office website. They also examine technical journals, published literature, prior public uses and exhibitions for any anticipating disclosures of the claimed invention. This exhaustive prior art search helps assess the three key elements of patentability – Novelty, Inventive Step and Industrial Applicability.

What is a patentability search?

A patentability search refers to an investigation of all previously accessible information globally that may have some relevance to the claimed invention. It establishes whether the innovation fulfils standards of patenting by determining its newness compared to what is already known or used. The search prevents wastage of time and money on non-patentable ideas.

What are the 3 elements of patentability?

For an invention to be patentable in India, it must demonstrate:
1) Novelty – The invention must not form part of prior art by being previously known or used.  
2) Inventive Step – It must not be obvious to a person skilled in the field of invention.
3) Industrial Applicability – It must be capable of being made or used in an industry.

Filingwala’s searches rigorously evaluate an innovation against these trois elements of patentability.

Why do we do patentability search?

A patentability search serves multiple important purposes:
– It establishes the originality and viability of the invention for seeking patent protection.  
– It helps identify and overcome any obstacles prior to extensive R&D investments.
– It avoids wasted efforts and costs caused by prior disclosures impacting grant of patent.
– It strengthens the scope of the exclusive rights granted by maximizing novelty.
– It improves chances of licensing or selling the patent by proving uniqueness.

In summary, with profound expertise in the Indian IP landscape, Filingwala handles patentability searches with diligence to help innovators extract full value from their pioneering technologies. 

Trust Filingwala for Cost-Effective Patentability Evaluation

With affordable prices, rapid turnaround times and high-quality analysis by a team of legal professionals well-versed in Indian patent laws, Filingwala stands out as a reliable one-stop solution for all your patentability search requirements.  

Their end-to-end confidential services aim to empower Indian innovators and businesses at every intellectual property protection stage – be it filing trademarks, patents, carrying out prior art searches or managing ongoing renewals and oppositions.

Whether you have a groundbreaking new software, novel manufacturing process, innovative medical device or any other technology, leveraging Filingwala’s expertise can prove invaluable in substantiating your invention’s patent-worthiness to concerned authorities or investors. 

Don’t delay in kickstarting the patent process. Get in touch with Filingwala today for a free initial consultation regarding your idea or product. Their experts will assess your patentability chances upfront and guide you on next steps to secure your innovation’s rights in the market.

Staying protected through patents not only enhances your competitive edge but also opens lucrative avenues of licensing, joint ventures and profitable exits. So utilize Filingwala’s diligent support and tread confidently on the path of transforming your business vision into profitable reality. The future of your innovation is secure in their hands.

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